How do we tackle climate change, protect our communities, and preserve wildlife at the same time? Natural Climate Solutions.

Natural Climate Solutions are strategies for addressing climate change that also help restore wildlife habitat, improve water quality, increase the productivity of our farms, create jobs, and protect our communities from storms and floods.

Now is the time to scale up implementation of these win-win solutions on America’s farms, forests, grasslands, coastlines, and cities.

Americans are taking action to tackle climate change

by harnessing the potential of our farms, forest, grasslands, coastlines, and even our cities to address climate change’s causes and its impacts.

To stop climate change, it is necessary to both reduce fossil fuel emissions and remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Thankfully, that’s something our forests, grasslands, wetlands, farms, and ranches are already designed to do. Our coalition is dedicated to ensuring nature is an important part of the overall strategy to combat climate change in the U.S.

Who We Are

A Powerful Coalition

U.S. Nature4Climate is a coalition of twenty-eight conservation, environmental, and sustainable business organizations dedicated to ensuring our forests, farms, ranches, grasslands and coastal wetlands are an important part of the overall strategy to combat climate change.

By working together, we aim to educate decision-makers about the numerous economic, health, and environmental benefits provided by Natural Climate Solutions and spotlight the innovative work that is already being done to put America’s natural and working lands to work in our efforts to tackle climate change.

About Us

All across the nation, Americans are already taking action to tap into nature’s potential to mitigate climate change.

Here are projects across the U.S. that are successfully implementing Natural Climate Solutions – spotlighting a path forward for scaling up these solutions:

  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • Wetlands & Peatlands