Natural Climate Solutions: A Win-Win Solution for Our Environment and Our Economy

The U.S. Nature4Climate coalition has reviewed reports, case studies, and research about the economic value of Nature Climate Solutions. We hope the collective weight of this information will increase public awareness of the numerous benefits of Natural Climate Solutions, elevating these solutions as an integral part of the overall strategy to combat climate change and restore our economy.

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Improving Climate + Park Equity in Cleveland

The Trust for Public Land is working with government and community partners to address climate and park equity in Cleveland through a people and data-driven approach.

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Seeing the City for the Trees

One obstacle to building an urban forestry workforce is that many young people don’t know how to access the field, or that it even exists. American Forests is working with partners to raise awareness of, and build bridges to, the field.

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Growing Trees, Growing Jobs

“Hard work, low pay, miserable conditions, and more!”

On its face, the California Conservation Corps’ motto might seem like more of a warning than a recruiting tool, but for thousands, it represents a promise: new skills, entry to a career, even a bit of an adventure.

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Investing in America’s Urban Forests

Despite the many benefits that trees provide, research suggests that tree canopy is unequally distributed in U.S. cities with low-income neighborhoods and communities of color often having less tree cover. Two of U.S. Nature4Climate’s coalition members are tackling the issue of urban tree cover head on, taking slightly different approaches to this work.

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