News4Climate: May 2024 Edition

Read our May ’24 Newsletter, featuring Natural Climate Solutions Through the Farm Bill. Plus, read about giant strides in urban forestry and climate-resilient reforestation boosted by federal funding, and discover which state is advancing their climate goals with coastal wetland conservation.

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California Conservation Corps

Growing Trees, Growing Jobs

“Hard work, low pay, miserable conditions, and more!”

On its face, the California Conservation Corps’ motto might seem like more of a warning than a recruiting tool, but for thousands, it represents a promise: new skills, entry to a career, even a bit of an adventure.

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American Farmland Trust

The Math is in: Soil Health Practices Produce Real Return on Investment

Many farmers believe the scientific evidence that soil health practices improve soil and water quality. However, they are reluctant to change management techniques without knowing how much the soil health practices will cost or benefit them. So, American Farmland Trust found “soil health successful farmers,” and conducted benefit-cost analyses.

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U.S. Farmers & Ranchers in Action

Sustainable Farming: Is There a Payoff?

Farmers are striving to be both sustainable and profitable with practices that have the potential to improve the land and their bottom line.

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Darcy Kiefel © The Trust for Public Land

Improving Climate + Park Equity in Cleveland

The Trust for Public Land is working with government and community partners to address climate and park equity in Cleveland through a people and data-driven approach.

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Eboni Hall

Seeing the City for the Trees

One obstacle to building an urban forestry workforce is that many young people don’t know how to access the field, or that it even exists. American Forests is working with partners to raise awareness of, and build bridges to, the field.

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