USFWS Coastal Program benefits fish and fishing in Freeport, Maine 

A strong partnership in Maine is undertaking a restoration project on
Frost Gully Brook to remove dams and plant native trees/plants
along the stream’s banks – providing new trout habitat, while also
supporting Maine’s outdoor recreation economy, and helping to
tackle climate change by capturing and sequestering carbon dioxide
from the air. This project is one of dozens of Coastal Programs across
the U.S. that are helping to preserve biodiversity, mitigate climate
change, and increase climate resilience.

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Katherine Gendreau © TNC

Ambitious Climate Legislation in Massachusetts Sets the Bar for Other States

Massachusetts passed An Act Creating a Next-Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy, a groundbreaking and ambitious law that sets a net zero emissions goal–the new global standard–and requires the Commonwealth to decarbonize its economy by decreasing use of fossil fuels and harnessing nature to draw carbon from the air.

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It Starts with a Seed: Producing High Quality Native Seed for Restoration in the Willamette Valley

The Willamette Valley Native Plant Partnership plays a key role in advancing grassland restoration efforts, ensuring that landowners and managers have access to the right seed at the right place at the right time. This helps unlock the carbon storage potential of restored grasslands, while also ensuring the newly established plants are resilient to climate change.

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Ruslan Dashinsky© iStock

Roadmap to a Solar Energy Future on Long Island

The Long Island Solar Roadmap developed by the New York Division of The Nature Conservancy details the opportunities of mid- to large-scale solar arrays to help meet New York’s nation-leading climate and clean energy goals. “This report shows that in scaling up solar, we don’t have to choose between one ‘green’ good—clean energy—and another—undisturbed forests, open spaces, and farmland….With the right approach, we have room for it all.”

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Jason Whalen © Fauna Creative

As Stewards of the Land, Farmers and Ranchers Proud to Join U.S. Nature4Climate

Erin Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer at U.S. Farmers and Rancers in Action (USFRA), explains why USFRA is proud to partner with U.S. Nature4Climate to advance climate-smart agriculture practices that protect our vital soil and its huge potential to store carbon.

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Cecilio Ricardo ©U.S. Forest Service

The United States of Fire

Our forests are going to burn, one way or another. American Forests outlines how “good” fire may be able to save forests across America from being devastated by “bad” fires.

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3 Steps to Reforest America for Climate

Did you know that America’s forests already capture and store almost fifteen percent of our nation’s carbon emissions each year? There are many actions we must take to protect and build this natural carbon sink. But there is one forest-climate solution that surpasses them all: reforestation.

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