The Seed Collector: An interview with seed harvest and restoration technician Keith Bennett, who is helping restore Missouri's native tallgrass prairie.

Keith Bennett is a seed harvest and restoration technician for The Nature Conservancy’s Dunn Ranch Pawnee Prairie in Hatfield, Missouri. He is helping restore Missouri’s native tallgrass prairie by collecting as much as 800 pounds of native seeds by hand in a season. In this interview, read about the importance of protecting tall grass prairie, how cemeteries are great places for collecting the native plant seeds, and how prescribed fires can be beneficial for prairie plants.

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The Economic Lifeblood of Trees

From science teachers to whiskey barrel makers to artists, people in myriad professions need forests and trees. American Forests highlights some of the unique jobs generated by, and reliant on forests and trees.

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The Outdoor Industry Aspires to Become Climate Positive by 2030

The Outdoor Industry Association created the Climate Action Corps in early 2020, which has since grown to more 100 members representing more than $25 billion in annual sales revenue. With input from members, Board of Directors, Sustainability Advisory Council and external experts over the past year, they are excited to announce a new aspiration to become the first climate positive industry by 2030, creating a bold example for others around the world to follow.

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Natural Climate Solutions: A Win-Win Solution for Our Environment and Our Economy

The U.S. Nature4Climate coalition has reviewed reports, case studies, and research about the economic value of Nature Climate Solutions. We hope the collective weight of this information will increase public awareness of the numerous benefits of Natural Climate Solutions, elevating these solutions as an integral part of the overall strategy to combat climate change and restore our economy.

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Growing Trees, Growing Jobs

“Hard work, low pay, miserable conditions, and more!”

On its face, the California Conservation Corps’ motto might seem like more of a warning than a recruiting tool, but for thousands, it represents a promise: new skills, entry to a career, even a bit of an adventure.

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