Decision-Makers Guide to Natural Climate Solutions

Natural Climate Solutions are conservation, restoration and improved land management strategies that help remove carbon dioxide from the air while also keeping our air and water clean and our soil healthy and productive. These solutions are practical, effective, relatively inexpensive, provide numerous economic benefits to landowners and communities, and can be implemented on a wide variety of land types, including forests, farms and ranches, grasslands, and coastal wetlands. 

In recent years, information about Natural Climate Solutions has proliferated on the Internet. There are thousands of scientific studies, websites, videos, reports, and infographics available – if you know where to look. Navigating this landscape can be difficult and time-consuming. 

The Decision-Makers Guide to Natural Climate Solutions Science is designed to serve as a hub of information to help decision-makers in the public policy, corporate, and non-profit sectors better understand the science supporting a broad array of Natural Climate Solutions strategies, and apply that science to planning, policy making and corporate practices. 

  • The “Science for Decision-Makers” section of this website highlights the key research on Natural Climate Solutions, complemented by blog articles, case studies, videos and infographics that summarize the research and explain the impact it can have on real-world situations. The section explores forest, agricultural, and blue carbon pathways in-depth.
  • The “Natural Climate Solutions Toolbox” provides links to a wide array of tools developed by USN4C coalition members and other organizations that can help guide the effective implementation of Natural Climate Solutions strategies. Our Glossary of Terms clearly defines the terminology frequently used in conversations around Natural Climate Solutions.
  • Our “Discussion & Debate” section provides a forum for experts to discuss Natural Climate Solutions issues where there is evolving science, research gaps, and differing views.

Questions about Natural Climate Solutions science? Let us know, and we'll be in touch.