Erika Nortemann © The Nature Conservancy

See how natural climate solutions are paying off.

John F Marshall © TNC

Challenges to the Reforestation Pipeline in the United States

Meeting ambitious reforestation goals will require expanded capacity for seed collection, nursery production, workforce development, and improvements in planting treatment practices.

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Patrick McDonald © TNC

Lower Cost and More Feasible Options to Reforest the U.S.

The power of restoring forests as a natural climate solution depends heavily on how much new forest area we can gain. The good news is there are up to 133 million acres of opportunity in the United States to restore forest cover for climate mitigation.

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Joanna Gilkeson © USFWS

Effects of Cheatgrass Invasion on U.S. Great Basin Carbon Storage

Non‐native, invasive cheatgrass is pervasive in sagebrush ecosystems in the Great Basin of the western U.S., competing with native plants and promoting more frequent fires. As a result, cheatgrass invasion decreases biodiversity and alters carbon storage in the region. 

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Richard Hamilton Smith © TNC

Nature and Climate Solutions for Minnesota

Natural climate solutions offer a 26 million metric tonne CO2e annual mitigation potential in Minnesota. This is equal to taking seven coal plants offline and represents an annual value of $390 million.

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Chris Helzer © TNC

Natural Climate Solutions: the Business Perspective

The world is on track to surpass a 1.5°C global temperature rise as soon as 2040.

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Audrey Snedden

Natural Climate Solutions for the United States

Limiting climate warming to <2°C requires increased mitigation efforts, including land stewardship, whose potential in the United States is poorly understood.

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Matt Axling © TNC

Natural Climate Solutions

Most nations recently agreed to hold global average temperature rise to well below 2 °C. We examine how much climate mitigation nature can contribute to this goal with a comprehensive analysis of “natural climate solutions” 

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Jeanne Cooper

TNC reThink Soil

A roadmap for collective action to secure the conservation and economic benefits of healthy soils.

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Jeanne Cooper

Ecosystem Management and Land Conservation can Substantially Contribute to California’s Climate Mitigation Goals

Modeling efforts focused on future greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from energy and other sectors in California have shown varying capacities to meet the emissions reduction targets established by the state.

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