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Banding Together to Protect the Great Outdoors

The Outdoor Industry Association Climate Action Corps

Nature is at the heart of outdoor recreation, so it is natural that the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) supports U.S. Nature4Climate. Learn more about OIA’s efforts to reduce emissions and increase sequestration in natural and working lands.

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The outdoor recreation industry plays a critical role in the U.S. economy — it is responsible for 5.2 million jobs and generates $788 billion dollars a year in consumer spending. However, the industry also faces existential risks from the effects of climate change, which threatens our country’s natural areas, as well as the supply chains and distribution networks that keep the outdoor recreation economy moving.

In 2020, the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) announced the formation of the Climate Action Corps, a coalition of more than 80 outdoor industry companies that have joined together to tackle climate change head-on by reducing carbon emissions and turning to more sustainable modes of production.

The companies involved in this effort have pledged to measure their carbon footprints, set greenhouse gas reduction targets, and publicly share their progress towards achieving this goal. To help members meet their climate goals, OIA has developed a guidebook that provides guidance on measuring a company’s greenhouse gas emissions, target-setting tips, and reduction strategies.  Members also have access to tools, online workshops, community learning events, and collaborative projects that enable climate-minded businesses to work together to meet their targets. In addition, OIA has also developed a climate policy platform so that members can advocate for  real action on climate change – including Natural Climate Solutions that both sequester carbon and protect places to recreate. Stay tuned for 2020 Progress Reports from the Climate Action Corps members, which will be shared publicly this summer. 

While the Climate Action Corps program prioritizes reducing carbon emissions, carbon credit programs enable companies to offset carbon emissions that cannot yet be eliminated through other means. By investing in credible and effective voluntary carbon credit programs, these companies can help store carbon on our land while also protecting and restoring the forests, grasslands and wetlands that support our outdoor recreation industry.

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