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A Collaborative Approach to Tackling Climate Change

The U.S. Climate Alliance’s Natural & Working Lands Challenge

The U.S. Climate Alliance’s Natural & Working Lands Challenge is an ambitious effort to help states tackle climate change by getting the most out of our natural and working lands.

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The U.S. Climate Alliance (USCA) is a bipartisan coalition of governors committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with the goals of the Paris Agreement. Understanding the crucial role that natural and working lands play in mitigating climate change, the U.S. Climate Alliance developed the Natural & Working Lands (NWL) Challenge, which invites governments, tribes, and businesses to make commitments to protect and enhance the carbon sequestration potential of America’s farms, forests, rangelands, and wetlands. 

The USCA supports these efforts by helping member states improve greenhouse gas inventories for land use, identify best practices for climate-smart land management, increase technical capacity, facilitate knowledge sharing, and advance programs, policies, and incentives that reduce emissions and enhance resilient carbon sequestration. By 2021, NWL Challenge signatories aim to include priority pathways for harnessing the greenhouse gas carbon mitigation potential of natural and working lands into state policies and actions for addressing climate change.

 Learn more about the Natural & Working Lands Challenge, as well as Frequently Asked Questions about the program

Learn more about the US Climate Alliance here: http://www.usclimatealliance.org/