Aaron Huey

Powerful Networks of Investors and Companies Committed to Tackling Climate Change


Read about how the sustainability nonprofit organization Ceres brings together investors and companies to tackle climate change and other global sustainability challenges.

Carlton Ward, Jr. © TNC

As part of their efforts, Ceres is developing guidance to help companies evaluate the effectiveness of Natural Climate Solutions and how they can play a role in reducing the degradation of natural resources such as forests.

“Ceres is committed to working with companies to ensure they invest in meaningful forest offsets that are credible, equitable, and serve as a complement, not a substitute, to efforts to reduce carbon emissions.” – Dr. Julie Nash, program director of food and forests at Ceres.

Ceres has successfully built powerful networks of investors and companies to build leadership and drive the necessary solutions to accelerate the transition to a more equitable, just and sustainable economy.

Learn more about Ceres here.