NOAA Restoration Atlas

Questions that this tool can answer:

  • What coastal restoration projects are active in my state? What organizations were involved? How much did the project cost?
  • Which restoration projects can serve as a model for future efforts in my state or region?

Coastal restoration is an important conservation strategy that benefits our climate, our environment and our economy. In addition to creating 15 jobs for every million dollars spent, restored coastal lands are more resilient to flooding, create opportunities for outdoor recreation and sequester large amounts of carbon. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Restoration Atlas is “an interactive way to explore NOAA habitat restoration projects around the country—from wetlands and salt marsh projects to oyster and coral reef projects.” The map filters and query tool enable users to search among roughly 3,200 projects by habitat type, location, congressional district, and more. The website includes individual project web pages with detailed information on each project, custom data tables and downloadable project information.

By mapping and detailing coastal restoration projects, the NOAA Restoration Atlas serves as a clearinghouse of information that can help governments, non-profit organizations and tribal entities improve planning for future coastal restoration efforts, using the example of successful completed restoration efforts. 

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