U.S. Climate Alliance Climate Policy Database

Questions that this tool can answer:

  • What kinds of climate policies focused on natural and working lands have U.S. Climate Alliance states advanced over the past 5 years?
  • What states have incorporated natural and working lands into their greenhouse gas inventories? What ecosystems have been included?

The U.S. Climate Alliance’s first-of-its-kind Climate Policy Database, which provides one of the country’s most detailed snapshots of state-led climate action to date. The interactive, user-friendly, and searchable database provides detailed information on climate action from the Alliance’s states and territories, offering a wide-ranging, comparative, and up-to-date view of state-level climate action across the U.S. The new tool enables users to search climate policies by sector, geography, policy or action type, keyword, and timeframe. Unique among other policy trackers, it allows users to view the chronological sequence of steps taken by a state or territory to reach a policy outcome, tracing policy pathways through multiple stages and tracking how established policies have evolved over time. While the Alliance Secretariat has long tracked this information internally, this marks the first time the data has been standardized and made available to the public.

In addition to supporting Alliance members, the tool will benefit governmental, non-profit, and academic partners at the local, state, national, and international levels interested in tracking U.S. state-led climate action. The Alliance Secretariat will continue to enhance the platform’s content and functionality over the coming weeks and months utilizing user feedback, which can be provided directly through the database website.